Residential Property

You may be buying your first home, moving property or purchasing a holiday home but the excitement for you has to be tempered with the need to ensure any legal requirements and processes are dealt with correctly and thoroughly.

Residential Property Camberley

Buying and Selling Houses and Flats (Conveyancing)

Campbell Courtney & Cooney deal with all aspects of residential conveyancing, whether you are buying or selling a property including transfers of equity into joint names or to an individual. We are experienced in all aspects of property law and are there to help provide a smooth passage for your transaction but more importantly to make sure you avoid any pitfalls; protecting your interests at every stage from making an offer to receiving the keys.

We will explain everything you need to consider before collecting information and documentation from you to set the process in motion. This includes explaining any costs and expenses involved, including Stamp Duty, Land Tax, Land Registry fees and Search fees.

We also understand the stress that can be part and parcel of buying or selling a property. We will make sure you receive information and updates when you need them; keeping you in touch with progress and explaining what is happening at each stage.

Our ethos is that no stone must be left unturned and we provide a high degree of care and independence from estate agents. We do not take on more cases than we can handle unlike some firms who undertake conveyor-belt conveyancing work. We ensure that we have the time to deal with any difficult aspects or those where time is of the essence.

In particular we act in your best interests and not in the interests of any estate agents. The vast majority of our clients are those that we have acted for before and come back to us time and time again. We are not the cheapest firm because cutting corners to be cheaper than our competitors is not, in our view, acting in your best interests. We believe the service and expertise we offer cannot be bettered and provides the best value for money available. We endeavour to respond to all queries the same day wherever possible and usually within the hour.

David Long is Head of conveyancing and has experience in property matters since 1974. He specialises in resolving conveyancing problems so that they are overcome rather than ignored or avoided.

Many firms, even those only doing conveyancing work, use inexperienced employees to undertake conveyancing work and are therefore cheaper in the short-term and the problems only arise when they come to sell in the future. We have had numerous clients who have been caught out by inadequate conveyancing when they purchased using other solicitors and in such cases we identify and resolve the problems at the earliest opportunity to ensure the sale proceeds smoothly.

Buying and selling properties is for most people the largest expenditure in their lives. Do not risk your investment by trying to save money in the short-term or using firms who are recommended by the selling agent, not on reputation but because of a commission agreement. Ask yourself why they are recommending them!


Remortgaging is undertaken for a variety of reasons such as switching to obtain a better deal or simply to increase the size of an existing mortgage to release funds to pay for home improvements, or other purposes. Whatever your reason for remortgaging, many of the same legal processes required to secure your original mortgage will apply on remortgaging.

An important aspect for many people remortgaging is that it is arranged quickly, especially if funds are required for a specific project. Out specialists will deal with the legal requirements as quickly as possible, while ensuring our first priority is always to protect your legal position.


If you are considering purchasing property with a view to using it for buy-to-let purposes, it is vital that you take expert legal advice. When you purchase a property for renting out you are effectively starting a small business by becoming a landlord. We can give you advice upon all the issues you will need to consider.

Tenancy and lease arrangements

We provide help and advice on all aspects of Landlord and Tenancy law, including preparation of Tenancy Agreements and arrangements to terminate leases. We also advise landlords on how to deal with difficult tenants and provide assistance for tenants whose landlords are acting outside the law, or ignoring their responsibilities to their tenants. We can also provide assistance in resolving disputes for either party and if required, instigate possession and eviction procedures.

We can guide you through your legal responsibilities such as carrying out repairs, maintaining the safe supply of gas and electricity and ensuring fire safety regulations for premises and furnishings are met.