Probate/Inheritance Claims

Probate and inheritance claims can arise from the defective drafting of a Will if evidence arises after the death of the Testator that the Testator’s wishes and intentions had not in fact been accurately or properly recorded and detailed within the Will.

Invalid wills and contesting wills

In certain circumstances a family member or person who was financially maintained by the deceased can bring a claim under statute if they have not been named as a Beneficiary in a Will or, if there is no Will, then against the Estate when it is administered.

Finally, claims can also arise if it is alleged that the Testator of a Will lacked capacity or did not understand and approve the terms of the Will when it was signed, or if there is evidence and allegation of undue influence or fraud and forgery. Such Probate or inheritance claims require specialist advice and assistance which we can provide at Campbell Courtney & Cooney.

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