Commercial Property

We can provide you with all the advice necessary to secure your premises and assist you in developing your full business potential.

Commercial property lawyers

With a wealth of experience in this sector, we combine constructive, realistic advice with a comprehensive service covering all aspects of commercial property projects and transactions.

We can act for private or corporate land owners, property developers and builders; dealing with the legal and financial aspects of building, buying, selling, leasing or sub-letting of shops, offices, industrial and commercial premises.

Acquisitions and disposals

We provide advice covering the acquisition and disposal of all types of commercial property. The scale of our services encompasses institutional purchases, selling or purchasing tenanted property, industrial estates and the purchasing and selling of landed estates, farms and private residences.

Landlord and tenants

We deal with all aspects of property transactions for landlords and tenants, including commercial leases for retail, industrial and office premises. We can also draft and arrange assignment and surrender of leases and sub-letting agreements.

Secured lending, financing and re-financing

Obtaining funds to purchase commercial property can be a daunting task both in terms of the sums involved and to collate the paperwork required to support the proposition. We can help you prepare the documentation that is essential to support your business proposition and make a successful bid. We can also advise upon the security required for the funding of your project including the wording of any legal charge document.

Planning and development

We can advise and assist you in connection with planning and development agreements which may be required to obtain planning permission.

Estate management issues and disputes

The same realistic and dedicated service we apply to resolving disputes for businesses is reflected in our ability to deal with bringing about successful resolutions to estate management issues and disputes.

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